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In MARILIA, the University of Zagreb will be responsible for the computational research in support of the project, as well as for the interpretation of computational results based on the experimental data.
In this article, we talk about the importance to build a European research area and its benefits in terms of knowledge.
The University of Zagreb experience, from three perspectives!


Although I have experience in both, fundamental scientific research and research that is oriented
towards application, the research in the frame of MARILIA project is unique and special for me in many ways.
First of all, the opportunity to closely collaborate with potential customers of scientific results (IR) and a company specialized in the exploitation of scientific results (D1) turned out to be a completely new and exciting experience for me.
Their perspective on our scientific research was very different from my own. Being part of the same consortium with IR and D1, I was able to get very detailed feedback and it motivated me to modify the way that I present scientific research in a non-scientific context.
My usual way of doing things was first challenged in the first Project consortium meeting, which I
remember very clearly. After three “scientific” presentations from AIT, RBI and UZ, the kind of
presentations that I was used to, D1 showed a completely different approach to presenting.
I will definitely use some of their tricks for future presentations in scientific conferences and teaching
Apart from the experience, the effect EU financing has on research quality at our Faculty is
Not only are we able to participate in exciting cutting-edge research, but we were also able to purchase excellent new equipment as well as employ post-doctoral researchers. Taken all together, participation in an EU project is a unique experience that every scientist should strive to achieve.


MARILIA project, as a multidisciplinary and international project, offers good opportunities for discussion with other researchers in related scientific fields, to collaborate, brainstorm and apply ideas to our molecular dynamics (MD) simulations.
In this respect, our results together with different technical, applied and other scientific approaches will hopefully be valuable and helpful for further research and development of pathogen detection systems in water.
What I found the most useful in MARILIA project is the interaction with other collaborators (IRB, AIT. IREN and D1) – scientists and people from the industry with whom we exchange information and
On the other hand, this communication is also very demanding and challenging, especially in the COVID19 pandemic time. Particularly interesting for me are new ways and ideas in the development of method for cost-effective detection of pathogens.
Overall, it is a pleasure to be a part of the MARILIA project and the knowledge I gained from people who are experts in the scientific and industry field is especially motivating and beneficial for my scientific career development and valuable to my further research as a good experience for the next
career stage.


As a junior researcher fresh out of my master’s, I have learned a lot by participating in the MARILIA project.
My education being focused mainly on fundamental science, the close cooperation between
research and industry in MARILIA is novel and exciting for me. MARILIA is a well thought-out and carefully managed project.
While the theoretical and experimental work done by the scientists involved in this project is in line with what I expected to encounter after entering the academic world, the work done by Day One in the promotion and plans for the exploitation of project results is something I think I wouldn’t have been able to experience and learn about if I hadn’t joined this project. The inclusion of a potential customer (IREN) in the consortium, while obviously very important and beneficial to the project, was also a novel concept for me.
I am very glad that I got the chance to participate in an interdisciplinary project focused on application and product development in this early stage of my career. This experience has changed my outlook on science and given me important insights into innovation and technology development.
I hope that I will get the chance to participate in this sort of research further down in my career as well.

THANKS TO: Faculty of Science at University of Zagreb (UZ)

Zoe Jelić Matošević

Branimir Bertoša

Antun Barišić

Sanja Škulj

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