Marilia project ended on the 28th of february

MARILIA project ended on the 28th of february of this year. For the last 30 months, a multidisciplinary team of european research centers and private companies worked towards the development of a breakthrough pathogen detection test of water, which reduces the time and performance of the assay and, at the same time, it is cost-effective.

As a result, Marilia consortium produced an MVP of a complete and simple lab kit for testing drinking water which is stable at room temperature and produces results in 45 minutes.
Moreover, for tasks raging from the design of recombinant protein up to modelling of a functionalized nanostructure the consortium developed Catana: a web-based modelling environment suited for proteins and DNA nanostructures. CATANA includes a tool for three-dimensional modeling and manipulation of complex biomolecules in real time, as well as for visualization in several levels of detail – down to the atomic level.

The scientific activities conducted by scientific partners, led also to the publication of an extensive number of scientific articles that are available in the dedicated section on the website.

Marilia was a project funded by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 framework, under the EIC Transition to Innovation Activities program.