Project Overview


Immagine Overview_Project_Marilia
Immagine Overview_Project_Marilia

MARILIA is a project funded by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 framework, under the EIC Transition to Innovation Activities program. Its objective is to turn promising results from EIC Pathfinder/FET-funded (FET Open or FET-Proactive) projects into a higher level of development, validation and demonstration where they become a credible basis for entrepreneurship, business creation, investment and, ultimately, economic and societal returns

The MARILIA project is based on the results, technologies and concepts developed within the FET-Open project MARA (

Starting in September 2020 and for the following 30 months, 5 partners will collaborate to turn these results into disruptive innovations that will lead to analytical tests to be applied in the water and beverage industry. This will help improving food safety and consequently the health of European consumers.