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MARILIA project ended on the 28th of february of this year. For the last 30 months, a multidisciplinary team of european research centers and private companies worked towards the development of a breakthrough pathogen detection test of water, which reduces the time and performance of the assay and, at the same time, it is cost-effective.
The whole Marilia consortium met in Genoa, Italy on 15th and 16th November 2022 for the sixth project General Assembly, after last one in Rome this summer. The meeting was a crucial step for the definition of key elements of the exploitation plan. For this reason, aspects were validated from a technical-scientific point of view and the results obtained during the project were collected and highlighted.
English translation of press release originally published on OTS

AIT is developing a new detection method for infectious bacteria with partners

Vienna (OTS) – Researchers at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, together with partners from Croatia and Italy, are developing a powerful tool that will enable a highly sensitive, rapid and cost-effective detection method for infectious bacteria.