MARILIA – 27th Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers

MARILIA partners participated in the 27th Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers (27HSKIKI) in Veli Lošinj with oral and poster presentations. Both were a success and highly attended accompanied by fruitful discussions.

Zoe Jelić-Matošević, Antun Barišić, Sanja Škulj and Branimir Bertoša have discussed the setup of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and analysis tools for average volume calculation of solvent. Scientists were also interested in stabilization of N-glycosylation on HRP protein, setup of different types of branching of glycan, and its effect on HRP protein.

Title of poster/presentations:

  • Influence of N-glycolisation on horseradish peroxidase stabilization 
  • Computational study of the hyperglycosylated HRP enzyme used in the pathogen detection

The poster and the abstract of the presentation are available on the MARILIA PUBLICATIONS PAGE

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