Project WP and timeline

WP and timeline

Marilia GANTT
Marilia GANTT

The project has a duration of 30 months, with a work plan subdivided in 5 work packages. The plan is structured as follows:

WP1: the specific activities related to user-centered design are refined in WP1, which, thereby, materializes the theoretic foundation of the concept (with dedicated tasks for stakeholder analysis, scenario studies, participatory design).

WP2 encloses all activities to develop the assay, taking user data from WP1 as input and provide methods for the stakeholders to have the possibility to intervene with specific requests (additional or corrective with respect to the ones identified in WP1) during each identified phase of the project.

Building upon this, in WP3 the software for artificial split peroxidase generation will be developed, focusing on quantitative and qualitative KPIs defined in WP1. The overall validation of the assay and the platform will be carried out in WP4. This will ensure the real-world testing and validation of the developed prototypes, which will serve as an input for the next development cycle of the iterative development process.

Finally, WP5 will take care of paving the way to the post-project industrialization phase, investigating the commercialisation potential of the MARILIA innovations and preparing their scientific and especially commercial exploitation.