One year of MARILIA: IREN

A year has passed since the beginning of Marilia activities and we can definitely say that we have joined a really interesting project. IREN has participated in work packages dealing with the definition of the device’s capabilities accordingly with the users’ needs and in compliance with the Drinking Water Regulation.

Furthermore, IREN has been involved in the activities related to drinking water monitoring standardization. In this framework, we have collected the documents provided by the different working groups on current and future standards adopted by water utilities and the relevant stakeholders, which will be used by the project partners to further develop the monitoring device.  IREN also took part in Water Europe (the European Water Platform) panels meetings, updating the participants on the project progress. 

The task has been challenging for us, also considering our background and the specific topic the project is dealing with. A special thanks goes to our partners and to the University of Genoa – DISTAV, which assisted us in reaching a common understanding on the project activities and achievements.

Thanks to the contacts established at  European level, IREN can play an important role in the project, within the activities dealing with the definition of procedures aimed at validating the measurements acquired with Marilia device.

We also want to point out that the purposes of  Marilia are in compliance with IREN’s Innovation Plan,  which includes monitoring and removal of specific emerging compounds, as a topic to go deeper in the forthcoming years.